Plan :Jeevan Pragati (838)
Product Summary :
Jeevan Pragati(838) is a non-linked, with profits Endowment Assurance Plan wherein the risks cover automatically increases after every five years during the term of the policy.
Premium Payment Mode:
Yearly, Halfly, Quarterly, Monthly(ECS)
Term :
12 to 20 years
Minimum Entry Age :
12 Year Completed
Maximum Entry Age :
45 Year (Nearest Birthday)
Maximum Maturity Age :
65 Year
Minimum Sum Assured :
Maximum Sum Assured :
NO LIMIT (Depending upon Income)
Maximum Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider up to age 65.
Policy Benefits :
On Death :
Sum Assured + Vested Bonus + FAB if any.
Where S.A. on Death is defined as the higher of
i. 10 times of Annualized Premium, OR
ii. Absolute amount assured to be paid on death, which is as under:
During first five policy years: 100% of the Basic S.A.
During 6th to 10th policy years: 125% of the Basic S.A.
During 11th to 15th policy years: 150% of the Basic S.A.
During 16th to 20th policy years: 200% of the Basic S.A.
This Death Benefit shall not be less than 105% of all Premiums paid as on death.
On Survival :
On survival Basic Sum Assured + Vested Bonus + FAB if any.
Surrendered Value :
The Policy can be surrendered at any time during the policy term provided at least 3 full years premiums have been paid.
Loan :
Loan Facility is available under this plan, after payment of premiums for at least 3 full years.
Income Tax Benefit :
• Premium paid under this plan is eligible for TAX rebate under section 80c.
• Maturity under this plan is free under sec 10(10D).
Proposal Form : 300/340/360 shall be used under this plan.
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Jeevan Pragati (838) प्लान

Jeevan Pragati (838)) प्लान - चिंता मुक्त सेवानिवृत्ति जीवन रखने के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ सेपेंशन प्लान के प्रीमियम की

तुलना करें और खरीदें। शीर्ष ... इसलिए, अपनी Jeevan Pragati (838) के लिए योजना बनाने की शुरुआत

करने में कभी देर नहीं होती और यह आपके व्यक्तिगत शोध करने और संबंधित विवरण जानने के

लिए कुछ समय ... कुछ यूलिप प्लान भी उपलब्ध हैं जिनमें निवेश की गई राशि बीमा कंपनी द्वारा

ऋण या इक्विटी के रूप में निवेश किया जाता है। ...Jeevan Pragati (838) प्लान में आप अपनी

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